Thursday 22 October 2015

Carne & Caipirinha, Brazilian Churrascaria In Singapore

Carnivores will find joy in knowing Carne & Caipirinha, the one and only Brazilian churrascaria in Singapore that uses charcoal fire for roasting meats has opened. Nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Sunset Way, Carne & Caipirinha boasts one of the largest varieties of premium grills, offering unlimited servings of roasted chicken, beef, lamb, pork and fish. In alfresco seating, all meats are served to diners in rotation.

Credit: Carne & Caipirinha
All meats at Carne & Caipirinha are slowly-roasted over a charcoal fire, a process that helps retain the meat's rich flavours and imparts an irresistible smokey fragrance. The man behind Carne & Caipirinha is Chef Noelio Scheibel who has 36 years of experience in authentic Brazilian churrasco.

Besides a whole lot of roasted meats, the restaurant also offers a buffet of gourmet salads, pastas, rice and traditional Brazilian Feijoada (black bean stew). These mainstays are prepared in-house daily.

Some of the rodizio style meats you see above include Pork Sausage and Chicken Fillet wrapped in Bacon. 

The marquee dishes include Beef Rump Cap and Beef Hump. Both is must-try here and they are only found in the humped Brazilian cattle known as zebu, the meat contains more marbling than other meats.

All of Carne & Caipirinha's beef and chicken are directly imported from Brazil. We were told that the flavour of Brazilian beef differs from the American and Australian counterparts and it boast a robust taste.

Here is one of my favorite item at Carne & Caipirinha, this fish meat also known as Escolar is flavourful, moist and definitely enjoyable. A crowd pleaser that night, my table loves it.

Among the 17 rodizio style items, the Pork Ham is one of them as well.

The Pork Belly is yet another crowd pleaser, layers lean/fatty meat topped with a crispy skin. At Carne & Caipirinha, you get to decide the pace of your meals with the usage of a green and red two-sided disc. Like a traffic light, green means you would like to have more food served while the red represents a stop to the food.

Juicy grilled pineapple to end off the meaty meal, the girls love it.

This is the one that is really addictive, this is none other than Carne & Caipirinha freshly baked Cheese Bread. These small little cheese buns were so chewy and fluffy!

Teetotalers can opt to wash the food down with Guarana Antartica, the first ever soft drink produced in Brazil. This guarana-flavoured soft drink is produced in only three countries and is now available at Carne & Caipirinha. Imported Brazilian beer such as Skol and wines are availble as well.

With complete alfresco seating, the 74-seater restaurant is set to revitalise traditional Brazilian gaucho cuisine in Singapore. The prices are pretty affordable too though Carvery is still my favorite place for roasted meats. 

However, no doubt Carne & Caipirinha serves one of the widest selections of meats and only one with the meats cooked over charcoal. It is also Argentum Group latest dining concept, located at Sunset Way. If you're a meat lover and don't wish to break the bank, go for the happy hour daily at just $39.90!

Carne & Caipirinha Brazilian Churrascaria
Blk 106, Sunset Way
Clementi Street 12
#01-50 Singapore 120106
Tel: 6464 0478/79
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 530pm-11pm
Sun & PH: 5pm-11pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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