Monday 5 October 2015

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I have frequent birthday celebrations at work and I either face the steep delivery charges or bear the hassle of making my way down for cake collection. But I'm glad that, has solved my agony. is a brand-new online gourmet cake shop doles out an array of unique flavour cakes, tarts as well as personalized creations. Upon order, it is then deliver right to your doorsteps, a minimum of S$50.

The icing on the cake: is awarded the ISO 22000 certification, a testament to the stringent quality and hygiene standards it adheres to. The folks jettison preservatives and artificial colouring, preferring instead to use premium ingredients to create their offerings. The marquee mainstays include:

The Malt-Teaser S$58

Boasting an enticing malty glaze, this cake is a deconstructed version of Maltesers using ingredients such as malt cocoa powder and white chocolate. Crunchy malt balls are spread over the chocolate batter, the chocolate sponged layer is bound to delight as well. Chocolate lovers will find glee in this.

Lime Meringue Tart S$65

I personally love the texture of their crust, the pastry base is fragrant yet firm. A classic favorite, the mounds of white meringue are lightly torched to a warm hue. Moreover, it's not overly sour, just the right level of sourness. This is a hit for citrus fans out there indeed.

Mixed Berries Tart S$65

One of my favourite pick of tarts, it features a juicy medley of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Natural beetroot colouring gives the tart base its flamboyant red hue. This pretty looking tart makes a perfect alternative to a birthday cake, definitely one for the fruit lovers.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart S$65

Chocolate lovers will also find joy in this rendition, with the best of both worlds here: gooey salted caramel and bittersweet chocolate ganache. The interplay of the two flavours is certainly captivating. It is then garnished with fleur de sel crystals to produce a rich experience.

Another alternative to their tart's flavour is the Earl Grey Chocolate Tart S$65. (no picture)

Pistachio Raspberry Litchi Cake S$58

Interesting combination of the two star ingredients, raspberry and pistachio. Raspberry mousse is spread over layers of pistachio sponge and then topped with pistachio nuts and studded with raspberries.

Spectaculoos Cheesecake S$58

One of my favorite among the rest and also's signature cake. Think a cookie butter cheesecake, topped with ribbons of cookie buttery cream and then sprinkled with cookie crumble. What a fitting quirky moniker for a unique cake. My pick! (p/s: the cake shown above is slightly distorted because it was a display set for photo taking, after 4 hours of staying out in room temperature.)

Tiramisu S$58

This delicate looking cake blends the bold flavours of cocoa, espresso with the creaminess of mascarpone cheese. The layered finger biscuit are drenched in aromatic coffee extract. The aroma lends more towards the coffee side and it is alcohol free, this tiramisu can be enjoyed by everyone.

Eggless Blackforest Cake S$58

A classic flavour and a gem amongst German desserts. This luxurious looking and alcohol-free centrepiece features chocolate fences and is garnished with chocolate shavings. Rich and earthy, this pick is for the chocolate aficionados, vegetarians and kids. 

Apart from the mainstays, also offers customers to create your own personalised cakes, including photo cakes. Simply upload the photo, choose the flavour and there you go, a special cake to commemorate the event. You are able to customise any other cakes based on your personal preferences, designs and other requirements.

Credit: Nikki ( also offer bite sized for parties and any events. A minimum of $150 is required for free delivery. Contact the folks at for more details.

Though a minimum of $50 is required for free delivery, it doesn't really matter because one whole cake is at least $58. So basically, it's free delivery for every whole cake ordered. What sets apart is their unique cake flavours and being affordable even when delivery is included in the bill. With such hassle-free, I won't hesitate to oder my next birthday cake with Cakesonline!

*They are in the midst of being Halal certified.

*This was an invited media tasting.

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