Sunday 27 September 2015

The Carvery, Roast Meat Specialist @ Park Hotel Alexandra

Meat lovers shall rejoice! Take delight with the opening of Singapore's latest chic dining concept - The Carvery. It is also Singapore's first dedicated carvery serving premium meats. Opened in June 2015 and situated on the 7th floor of the newly-opened Hotel Alexandra, the comprehensive selection of premium roast accompanied by a note-worthy entourage of accompaniments will whet any appetite. Like the truffle butter!

Upon entering the doors of The Carvery, the first eye catching element will be the 3 metre long meat carving station spotlighting 3-4 top quality cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Behind the carving station, you will see top roasting ovens and rotisserie where the meats are carefully prepared daily.

For a complete experience at The Carvery, be sure to pair your meat with a variety of condiments and sauces created specifically for The Carvery collection. That include a range of fine salts, house-made butter like anchovy and truffle and a myriad of sauces! Spoilt for choices, definitely.

One of the spotlight meat is the Beef Prime Rib - The Australian beef prime rib is picked and dry-ages it in-house which helps to intensify its taste and tenderize the meat. Best served medium rare, the beef is lightly rubbed with salt and pepper before it is slow roasted for about 8 hours. 

Other rotational cuts such as tenderloin, striploin and brisket at the carving table.
Suggested condiment pairing: Maldon sea salt, red wine jus, anchovy butter.

Besides the beef, we have the Pork Knuckle with Crackling - the iconic crackling is for any pork knuckle fan! The skin is first pat dried and scored, before rubbing salt into the skin. The salt help draws out all the moisture from the skin which is the key to a crunchy crackling!

Suggested condiment pairing: Sweet mustard, chicken jus

One of the meat we had is the Rotisserie Chicken - this juicy rotisserie chicken took the spotlight on my first bite, so good. It is first marinated in a mire poix - fresh herbs, carrots, onions, bay leaves and celery - for 10-12 hours before it is roasted on a spit in the rotisserie. One of the highlight of it is the soft and tender flesh!

Suggested condiment pairing: Chilli sea salt, chicken gravy, truffle butter

*Alternative option will be the New Zealand Roasted Leg of Lamb.

Right beside the carving station, you will find these fluffy yorkshire pudding! If those who don't know what's yorkshire, it is an english side dish made from batter consisting of eggs, flour and milk. Anyway these are best pair with meats and ideally truffle butter! *yorkshire is available for dinner only.

You may want to graze on some greens or seafood on ice before commencing a carnivorous feast. For salads section, you can make your own or sample any of their 4 gourmet ready made options available.

Rotational compact selection of seafood, options such as swimmer crab, chilled tiger prawns, canadian black mussels, white clams and shucked oysters (for dinner only). All served with accompaniments of cocktail sauce, lemon wedges, tabasco sauce and thai chili dip.

Seafood fans can indulge in the daily changing grilled fish served like salmon, sea bass, halibut and red snapper. Both my visits were baked salmon and would prefer it among the rest.

The Carvery offers a selection of 8-12 carefully selected side dishes at lunch and dinner as the perfect companion to the assortment of meats. 

Other rotational sides include: Cauliflower gratin, Sauerkraut, Roasted garlic, Baked red onions, Soft white polenta, Smoked eggplant and a host of others depending on the seasonality of fresh produce.

The soups will rotate as well, my second visit back was Mushroom soup and Chicken soup!

Love the pizza and breads! I had lots of breads because it's so fresh, it's freshly baked on the spot with the charcoal beech oven. Sounds crazy that I had so much bread over meats, but I cant help it. :C

Assortment of fresh cut fruits.

Not forgetting the Pasta station, it rounds out the meal with three choices of pasta - spaghetti, farfalle, linguini and two classic sauces such as Pomodoro (tomato sauce) or Aglio Olio (oil and garlic).

We ended the meal with a sweet note at the dessert corner, with a gloriously classic english trifle. This rich dessert is layered with luscious thick custard, bailey's soaked sponge cake, fresh fruits and berries.

One of my favorite is the comforting Spiced Apple Crumble made with wedges of granny smith apples dredged in cinnamon and topped with knobbly sandy crumble. Other options also include Creme brulee, carrot cake, mango pudding and chocolate fudge cake.

Love the spacious ambience and the beautiful skyline view from the restaurant as it overlooks the rooftop swimming pool and the newly launched sunset bar - Aqua Luna.

A daily changing menu of three to four meat options are available for lunch and dinner respectively. The Carvery has won my heart with its top quality meat cuts against carnivore buffet, which is also another meat specialist. At The Carvery, not only a variety of condiments are available to complement the roast, 50 over wine labels are available too. Anyway love the environment, will be back again for drinks at Aqua Luna!

Don't forget to check online for any current promotions. There's one going on now till end of September 2015, second person dines at 50% off.

The Carvery
Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road, Level 7
Singapore 159972
Tel: 6828 8880
Opening Hours: 12pm-3pm/ 6pm-10pm

Lunch: $38++ (daily)
Dinner: $52++ (Sun-Thurs), $62++ (Fri & Sat)

*This was an invited media tasting.


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