Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Buffet Steamboat Dinner @ M Hotel

If you've been following my social media platforms, you would know that I'm a big fan of steamboat or anything hotpot. I got to try the 'eat all you can' steamboat dinner at the restaurant The Buffet which is located in M Hotel. As the restaurant named 'The Buffet', some may get confused that it only serves buffet but they offer steamboat sets as well. Thanks to my colleagues for the birthday vouchers.

Apologises for the low quality photos as I wasn't geared w my camera that night :(

The Buffet on Level 2 serves up a sumptuous International buffet lunch selection. For dinner, it will turn to Hotpot Buffet Dinner. You're able to pick 2 broth among the 4 - Tomato, Superior Chicken, Laksa and Porridge. We went ahead with the recommended ones like Superior Chicken and Tomato.

Started off with the seafood counter such as squids, prawns, cuttlefish and fish slices. We were given a pot of drunken prawns as well.

Crab and whole pomfret as well. There were chilli crab with mantou dip for the cooked food section for the month of June (Friday & Saturday). Do note that it will change every month.

Assorted greens for the hotpot.

The usual and must have ingredients in a steamboat, mushrooms, tofu, meatballs, crab sticks etc.

A small corner of desserts - cakes, eclairs, panna cotta, nyonya kueh etc.

Not forgetting the durian pengat at M Hotel, love the ones here when I tried it previously at Cafe 2000 downstairs. Durian Pengat is a sweetened durian pulp, richer in flavour by the addition of coconut milk.

Another corner with various types of fruits and a small pot of chocolate fondue with other condiments. As well as traditional desserts like longan soup. There were also ice cream in basic flavours - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and green tea.

The selection of broths were average and will change over time. The beverages were included in the buffet line-up such as soft drinks. Overall, nothing impressive as compare to the modern steamboat these days that we have such as HDL, Imperial Treasure etc. We had the Millennium Group member card so we were entitled another 20% for the additional head count. If not for the birthday vouchers and member card, I wouldn't choose to dine here for a steamboat fix.

The Buffet
Level 2, M Hotel
81 Anson Road
Singapore 079908
Tel: 0500 6116
$55++ Adult, $31++ Child (Sunday to Thursday, 6pm – 10pm)
$65++ Adult, $37++ Child (Friday and Saturday, 6pm – 10pm)

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