Tuesday 30 June 2015

IPPIN Cafe Bar 極品, 8 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore

IPPIN is Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar, it's a spot for those with a serious affection for real Japanese food that taste like you're truly home. On the day of my visit, it was raining heavily in the night and all you probably need is a cup of hot tea and a good meal in the comfort of your home. Though I may not be physically at home but the laid back ambience at IPPIN makes me feel like it.

IPPIN is set up by Ayumi Fujishiro in October 2014 after she left executive job in Japan due to temporary hearing loss. Spoke to Ayumi during my visit and she wanted IPPIN to be a place where people can be themselves and enjoy everything a peaceful home offers.

Besides Green Tea beverage, there's 3 kinds of tea served at IPPIN. I personally like Houjicha more among the rest, as the roasted green tea gives out a nice aroma like it's freshly roasted from the oven.

Houjicha $6 - This roasted green tea is high in catechin and low in caffeine and tannin, so it's suitable for children's consumption.

Genmaicha $6 - This green tea is steamed longer than Sen-cha causing the tea leaves to split, giving it a stronger yet more mellow taste as well as being highly nutritious.

Sencha $6 - The most popular green tea which has the perfect balance of refreshing aroma, delicate sweetness and mild bitterness.

Of course Sake and Craft beer is available as well here. For craft beers:

Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Koshihikari Ale $9
Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Pale Ale $9
Kanazawa Hyajumangoku Beer Dark Ale $9
Granagri $9

I went ahead and tried Granagri as I opt for a sweeter taste rather than bitter. Though I personally still prefer Asahi Superdry beer.

Moving on to some of the set meals that you will find at IPPIN, note that all prices are NETT. Here we have is the Grilled Oyster & Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set at $20. The oysters used are from Hiroshima Prefecture, the most famous area of oyster in Japan. It is then grilled in ponzu (yuzu vinegar) butter sauce.

The set meal also comes with rice, hatcho miso soup, nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad as well as houjicha pudding (roasted green tea dessert). That's rather a lot for a set meal.

Next we have is the Yakisoba Set $12 - a typical Japanese daily food. The yakisoba comes from Chiba Prefecture with a taste of Dad's cooking. I personally like how simple yet delectable it is. Like any other set, it comes with salad and houjicha pudding.

The kind of Japanese food I will usually have and indeed comfort food. Here's the Oyakudon Set $15 - chicken and egg on rice! They key secret here is the dashi (stock) used, the chickens are boiled with dashi to absorb the flavour. The set comes with miso soup and houjicha pudding.

Lastly, one of our favorite dish for the night - Deep Fried Oyster Set $24. The Hiroshima Prefecture's Oysters are lightly battered and deep fried to perfection, it is crispy on the outside and moist within. I'm never a fan of oysters due to the 'fishy' taste and I was surprised that I had more than 2 of these.

As you can see the set comes with rice, hatcho miso soup, nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad and houjicha pudding. The stew is is best pair with the barley rice.

// There are more set meals than these such as Beef Steak Set $25, Tonkatsu Set $20, Karaage Set $20 as well as Tuna and Egg Sandwich Set $15.

Pictured above is the Houjicha pudding which is also known as roasted green tea dessert that comes with every set. It was well infused with houjicha flavour and texture of it were just right, neither soft nor hard.

At the Japanese concept store of IPPIN, you will find Suwa Shoten Rattsu Nuts at $8 per cup. It comes in 3 flavours: coffee, creamy strawberry and matcha. Pretty addictive.

A mini cup for sampling, of course this isn't the actual cup size.

The interior, a fond homely space is bordered by wooden shelves of premium Japanese snacks, condiments, cooking ingredients, teas, sake as well as unique merchandise that travel all the way from Japan. It's basically a 'Everything Japanese concert store' here at IPPIN.

IPPIN Cafe Bar isn't for the mere passerby - it's a spot for those with a serious affection for real Japanese food that taste like you're truly home. The wide range of set meals here are simple home cooked food yet being affordable. The best thing is there's Free WiFi so it's a good spot to chill and catch up on your work, away from the city. For that moment, it feels like I was in a Japanese home. 

IPPIN Cafe & Bar
18 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238967
Tel: 6733 4794
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm
All prices are NETT

*This was an invited media tasting.


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