Sunday 7 September 2014

GYOZA-YA launched new dishes - Tarabagani Gyoza & Tokusei Tonkotsu Udon

GYOZA-YA is one of the place I would go for my gyoza fix with various filling. And recently, Gyoza-ya has officially launched their fourth filling - Tarabagani Gyoza also known as Red Crab King. Adding this on to the list are: Pork, Vegetable & Prawn. As well as new dish, Tokusei Tonkotsu Udon.  I'm glad to have the privilege to attend Gyoza Ya's tasting event with these mouthwatering dishes.

As the name says all, Gyoza Ya is specialised in Japanese dumplings (gyoza), both pan-fried and boiled under Japanese restaurant chain Akashi. Most ingredient used are specially flown in from Japan, by a Japanese chef who is residing in Japan. Some of the main ingredients uses natural spring water which can't be found in SG itself.

A recently new added drink to the menu - Kuri Lemonade (Japanese Cucumber w Lemonade) at $3.90. No doubt, a very refreshing beverage and the combination turns out really well. I was so tempted to have my second serving.

Tonkusei Tonkotsu Udon, also known as Special Pork Bone Soup w Thick Noodle ($6.80) is one of the new dishes added on to the menu. This photo can't do justice but I must say the broth is super addictive. The broth is braised for at least 24 hours at their central kitchen before delivering to the outlet daily, and of course while stock last. Thumbs up to rich and flavourful broth.

I was surprised to find that it wasn't the thick fat udon that we usually have in Japanese restaurants. I've to admit that this is my first time having these flat smooth noodles, the texture tasted different and it's delish. Oh they are flown from Hokkaido too, as it uses quality flour and water over there.

Rest on top of it were the slice leek and Buta Kakuni (Braised pork belly) which was braised for more than 36 hours. Can you imagine the texture of it after braising for so long? It's soft and flavourful in every bite.

Last but not least, another new dish added to the menu - Tarabagani Gyoza also known as Red King Crab/Yaki Kani gyoza. It is available in both pan-fried and boiled as well. They have limited quantity depending on it's availability on the day as they're made fresh daily.

It's my first time having crab filling gyoza and I must say it's good. They uses fresh crab meat in it so chew with caution as there will occasionally be shells in it. Something different from the usual pork filling.

Once you entered the restaurant, you will see the gyoza machine near the bar seating. Had a chat with one of the chef, Javier and he's really nice to share with us. The gyoza machine is made in Japan and specially catered to Gyoza-ya. I was told that every morning, they will randomly pick a few gyozas to weight and ensure the consistency in them. If those picked did not meet the standard, it would't be served to the customers. Gyoza Ya is committed to serve the best quality in their food and nothing less.

Other newly added dishes were the desserts, being Yaki Azuki Gyoza & Oshuruko. Gyoza Ya offers the best Japanese dumplings I must say, but the side dishes would need a little more work. The folks are sure to bring the authentic taste from Japan to Singapore. Would definitely be back again, read here on my previous review.

The Heeren, B1-02A, Robinsons Orchard
260 Orchard Road
Singapore 238855
Nearest Station: Somerset MRT
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 10pm daily
Tel: 6737 5581 (No reservations allowed)

*This was an invited media tasting.

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