Tuesday 26 August 2014

Momiji Shabu Shabu, Singapore’s First & Only Collagen Hotpot Buffet!

The newly established Momiji Shabu Shabu has opened its doors, promising Singaporeans a great gourmet experience. Momiji is home to Singapore's first-ever collagen hotpot buffet, brought to you by Suki Group - who has over 25 outlets in Singapore, offering Japanese cuisine and international buffets.

Enjoy an array of over 100 items such as various shabu shabu meat, seafood, sushi, fish balls, bamboo meat paste, vegetables, pastries, desserts and more! Eat to your heart's content and beautifying at the same time - A splendid indulgence at an affordable price.

The soup base is collagen pudding made by simmering kampong chicken for six hours. Patrons can customize the flavor of the soup to their liking with Himalayan pink salt, hot kimchi paste or collagen shoyu. This is nourishment for the skin, gratification for the stomach. Heat it till the pudding melts.

The start of the buffet line that leads you to a wide variety of items to tuck into.

The nice staff at Momiji has melted the collagen pudding to liquid form for your soup refill.

Offering 3 kinds of meats in the buffet line are mainly - Beef, Pork Belly & Pork Collar.

A wide selection of seafood items from white prawns to squids and red prawns. I'm impressed at how big and fresh the red prawns are, given the affordable prices.

Something unique from the usual buffet line up - Momiji offers raw egg, as well as Onsen Tomago which is basically half boiled egg.

Remember to pair your hotpot ingredients with the unique dipping sauce you create from a total of 12 different dipping sauce choices. Japanese sauce available such as Goma, Ponzu & Yuzu Goma Sauce. 

Momiji has it's own signature dip which is mixing 2 scoops of Ponzu, 1/2 scoop of mince radish and 1/2 scoop of garlic. Instructions will be shown.

My favorite item among the rest of the hotpot dishes - Bamboo Meat Pastes. I'm amazed at the wide choices of different flavor - Minced Pork, Kimchi Seafood, Cuttlefish and Fish & Pork Paste. Note that the red spoons at the side is use for scraping the meat off the bamboo shoot.

Japanese cooked food is also available along the buffet spread such as Seafood Chawanmushi, Ebi Tempura, Teriyaki Chicken, Scallop Fried Rice and Chicken Wings.

With the usual spread of hotpot ingredients - though it's nothing special but these are necessary for a great hotpot experience. Can I emphasize how wide the spread is? The only flaw was the crab sticks wasn't fresh that day.

With all sort of vegetables and mushrooms, was surprise to find broccoli & cauliflower though as we can hardly get them in buffet elsewhere. Oh. 4 kinds of different noodles are available as well.

Since it's a Japanese hot pot buffet, how can we not have assorted sushi.

Ending off with a sweet note. Desserts is a must-have in a buffet - small variety of cakes, puffs and mochi as well as fruits. Though they were a little disappointing.

Hot desserts as well if you fancy tong sui like myself. Red Bean soup was good, I had a second serving.

Ice cream section with 6 typical flavors - yam, cookies n' cream, chocolate, vanilla etc. Cones and biscuits to go along too. No doubt, I like the idea of ice cream cones heh.

What a spread! - literally. Table of six pax, definitely bad for the waistline :X

After bringing you through almost every part of the buffet line, are you convinced at the wide spread offered starting from $19.90? Adding on, do note that for every two pax dining in, you will get a complimentary premium item of either Wagyu Beef or Snow Crab. I can say having collagen hotpot at this cost is really worth the value, I can't ask for more like sashimi. My verdict: Worth the moolah. 

Wait no more, indulge in collagen goodness, nutritious and flavorful broth all in a pot! 

Balestier Shaw Plaza
#04-01 (S) 329783
Tel: 6258 3398

Opening Hours:
Lunch - 11:30am-2:30pm (Mon-Sat)
Brunch - 11:30am-4pm (Sun & PH)
Dinner - 5:00pm-9:30pm (Mon-Thu), 5:00pm-10:00pm (Fri-Sun, PH)

Weekday lunch: $19.90++ (adult), $13.90++ (child), $17.90++ (senior citizen) 
Saturday lunch: $22.90++ (adult), $13.90++ (child), $20.90++ (senior citizen)
Sunday lunch/ dinner from Mon-Thu: $24.90++ (adult), $15.90++ (child), $22.90++ (senior citizen)
Dinner: Fri to Sun, Eve of PH & PH: $28.90++ (adult), $15.90++ (child), $26.90++ (senior citizen)

*Senior Citizen: 60 y/o & above. Child: below 12 y/o or below 1.4m

*This was an invited media tasting.

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