Thursday 7 August 2014

Pezzo launches Laksa & Rendang Pizzas for Nation's Birthday

In conjunction with National Day, Pezzo launches it's first-ever Laksa and Rendang Pizzas to celebrate the nation's birthday. These 2 Singapore favorites will be available starting from this National Day onwards. I'm glad to be able to taste it before the official public launch, thank you Pezzo & Jaslyn for having us!

A short introductory about Pezzo - they are located in prominent shopping malls in Singapore where customers can enjoy handcrafted pizzas baked daily with fresh ingredients. They are sold in slices so consumers may enjoy different kinds of pizza flavors at one go.

The Singa Laksa pizza features a medley of ingredients - crab meat, squid, tuna, prawn, cheese and tau pok. It's really the classic pizzas which locals will love, unique!

This pizza will cater to the taste buds of those who love the authentic laksa taste! I personally prefer this to Rendang because of the rich laksa flavor. Look at that generous serving of ingredients in the pizzas!

Pezzo has infused the classic pizzas with local sensibilities and is proud to present it's first ever Chicken Rendang pizza as well. A potpourri of red capsicum, white onion, green capsicum, cheese and oregano chicken rests atop the pizza dough.

The Chicken Rendang pizza is a tribute to the beloved dish - it will evoke nostalgia and stir cravings for home-cooked dishes. I personally feel it was good but not the best among it.

Here's a slice of Singa Laksa I had since the previous setup was for photo shoot. Generous serving of ingredients in it, the only flaw is the crust - I wish it would be thinner. Otherwise, perfect!  

It was a great media tasting experience with Pezzo, having it on board Singapore's river cruise and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Singapore.

Both pizzas will permanently join Pezzo's carefully-curated menu of exciting and fun offerings. Each slice goes at $4.50 for Chicken Rendang and $4.90 for Singa Laksa. The price of the full pan is $24.90.

So head down to a Pezzo kiosk and enjoy our favorite national dishes on a pizza! For a list of Pezzo kiosks, please visit here.

Pezzo Ion
2 Orchard Turn 
#B4-51 S(238801)
Opening: 10am - 10pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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