Monday 8 February 2016

Thye Moh Chan & Din Tai Fung Lunar New Year delights

This lunar new year, I'm thankful to have the privilege to sample lots of festive goodies including the ones from Thye Moh Chan. As most locals would know (maybe the older ones), Thye Moh Chan is reputed for its authentic hand crafted pastries such as the famous tau sar piah. Using traditional baking techniques, all pastries were traditionally handcrafted with outlets at Chinatown Point and Paragon.

For this year's lunar new year promotions, Thye Moh Chan has launched 2 types of Chinese New Year beautiful hampers. Here's the Golden Delight Hamper 年年如意礼篮 at $158 which consists  of:

  • 15 pcs Peanut Candy 贡糖
  • 8 pcs Pineapple Tart 旺梨饼
  • 5 pcs Snow Cake 云片糕
  • 1 box Egg Rolls 蛋卷
  • 1 bottle Assorted Crisps 综合糖条
  • 1 bottle Mixed Crisps 综合坚果糖酥
  • 1 bottle Macadamia Square 夏威夷坚果糖酥
  • 1 pc Large Gift Basket 大礼篮
  • 1 pc Mandarin Orange Carrier 橘子吉祥袋

The other hamper Prosperous Joyous Hamper 福满人间礼篮 is at $138. The only difference between these 2 hampers is the the additional bottle of Macadamia square. This is definitely an ideal gift to your grandparents or older in age relatives during this lunar new year season. 

Something special for the new year with Din Tai Fung, with this traditional Chinese dessert which begets fortune. The sweet Chinese delicacy is a bowl of sweet glutinous rice bejeweled with 8 lush preservatives-free treasures such as saccharine dried longans, lotus seeds, dried amanatto, roselle with an appealing deep maroon color, citrusy dried kumquat, organic prunes, red bean and candied winter melon. So many ingredients in one rice dessert, this is packed with flavour.

Thank you BreadTalk for the love. With that, have a blessed lunar new year with your loved ones!


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