Tuesday 23 February 2016

Atlas Coffeehouse @ Bukit Timah, Singapore

Atlas Coffeehouse located in the vicinity of Bukit Timah is opened by the same folks behind Assembly of Coffee. Many cafes have been popping up in Singapore over the past year with similar offerings, so I was excited to check out Atlas upon hearing some good reviews. As compared to the sister cafe at Assembly Coffee, Atlas has a bigger space and a more extensive menu to start.

We arrived on a Saturday for lunch and were not surprise to find it packed with people. The first I noticed was the minimalist interior, coupled with marbles tiles and tables. Not forgetting the high ceiling glass panels which allow lots of natural lighting to shine in.

The extensive menu consist of about 8 mains, 2 sides, 4 waffles and others were cakes on display. What I like was the different brunch items offered here, unlike your usual eggs Benedict or Big Breakfast plate here. Since there were 4 of us, we went ahead with most of the recommended items at Atlas.

The guys went ahead with Hot Chocolate $5 while the rest had Latte $4.50 and Flat White $4.50. The coffee was smooth and rich, just a slight bitter aftertaste which was fine for me. Just so you know, the coffee beans used here were from Two Degrees North Coffee Co, a blend of Brazil and Guatemala.

The only two options for side dishes were fries, $8 the same for truffle and normal fries. Of course we went ahead with Shoe String Truffle Fries $8, which was generous in portion. It was overall a tad salty but the truffle aroma was dominant and we find it enjoyable.

This is the dish that everyone was talking about - Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough $12. We topped up with Scrambled Eggs by the side with an additional $3. The overall dish was packed with flavour, together with white wine creamy mushrooms served on toasted sourdough with grated Parmesan cheese. This dish was just perfect for me with the buttery scrambled eggs being on point.

For something different, we went with Beef Brisket & Onions on Sourdough $18. The slow cooked beef brisket were tender, cooked together with caramelised onions then topped on a toasted sourdough with a nicely done sunny side up.

I could remember the ones I had at Assembly Coffee previously, it was good so I thought Atlas's standard shouldn't be too far off either. Here's Earl Grey Caramel Waffle $12, this crispy and dense waffle is drizzle with earl grey caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. It was good!

And the main highlight here - ATLAS Butterscotch Banana Pancake $18. Despite the waiting time was 20 minutes for this dish, we got ours within 15mins or so. It comprises the kind of fluffy texture within the pancake which is then complete with crispy edges as a whole. This signature pancake is served with caramelised banana, topped with house made butterscotch & honey comb ice cream. I love the overall combination, the corn flakes in this dish added an extra crunch which makes it totally enticing. Must order!

The portions here are generous, so come in groups and you will probably be able to try more things. Despite the location being a little inaccessible, I will definitely be back again for pancakes and coffee if I'm ever nearby. I love the big space and interior here, indeed a great spot to catch up with loved ones.

Atlas Coffeehouse
6 Duke's Road
Singapore 268886
Opening Hours: Tues - Sun: 8am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays
Nearest MRT: Bontanic Gardens (10 minutes walk)



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