Sunday, 19 July 2015

Faculty Of Caffeine, Johor Bahru

Cafe hopping continues to Johor Bahru for one of the weekdays! The cafe scene is getting explosive not only in Singapore but in our neighbouring country as well. Faculty of Caffeine is one of the common names you will hear when asked about JB cafes, especially when SGD has rose to its highest level against Malaysian ringgit.

Faculty of Caffeine (FOC) is opened by two childhood buddies, Edward and Vinc who are both into coffee and design. FOC is located along Jalan Trus, about 5mins walk from City Square mall where most Singaporeans will flock to. Once you get to the correct alley, it's hard to missed the unique exterior of FOC along the stretch of other old shop houses.

The interior were of rustic and vintage looking, a cosy place to chill over coffee. There were lots of other vintage furnitures and artworks done by both of them. Also a great place for food photography.

The menu at FOC is simple yet extensive, considering the shoe-box size kitchen. Ranging from salads, all day brunch, desserts and of course coffee.

Caffe Latte RM9, the coffees are rich yet smooth as all of their coffee comes in double shot espresso. It was nothing of that bitter taste and I enjoyed that aroma very much which gives the shades of the coffee's flavour. As good as it is, no sugar is needed.

What's brunch without American's breakfast right. We had their signature offering, Generous Breakfast RM17.50, which is also known as English Breakfast. It consists of scramble eggs, sautéed mushrooms, buttery toast and with a choice of either chicken ham or beef bacon. Simple yet comforting though nothing out of the world.

Next we had was a special item which was available during the period of my visit. A combination of buttery spinach, beef bacon, hard boiled egg on toast and potato rosti. It was simple and food that can be easily done at home I supposed. Nevertheless, it's still a good eat though wish the portion could be more.

Wanted to capped off the meal with desserts here but we were rushing for our movie at City Square mall. Faculty of Caffeine do not serve pork and lard but note that they are not Halal certified. Nonetheless, FOC will be one of the place I would drop by for caffeine fix if I were to be in JB!

Faculty of Caffeine
106 Jalan Trus
Bandar Johor Bahru
8000 Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 9am-6pm daily



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