Sunday 26 January 2014

Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen (一蘭ラメン) Tokyo, Japan

No doubt Ramen is one of Japan's most well known food just like sushi. We heard so much about the highly raved Ichiran Ramen and we finally understand why after checking them out in Tokyo last year. Ichiran hands down, the best tonkotsu ramen I've eaten till date.

Ichiran Ramen (from the 60s) is a Fukuoka based ramen chain that makes one of the best tonkotsu ramen. We've tried a couple of ramen in Tokyo & Osaka such as Shoyu ramen, all of them were really good but none of them tasted as addictive as Ichiran. 

As the Japanese style, most of their eateries takes order via a vending machine. Thus makes ordering so much easier and quicker especially for foreigners as picture is displayed on the menu.

A bowl of piping hot ramen at Ichiran can be ordered at a few easy steps. Firstly, know what you want to order before entering as you do not want to hold back the long queue. Put in your notes and coins first before making selection at the vending machine. 

You can add on topping and beer as well, usually at the bottom. Lastly, collect your ticket and hand to the counter staff at your seat together with the form (above) of your ramen preference.

The board that allocates which seat is vacant or occupied. Great invention, Japan indeed.

Everything you need to enjoy your ramen experience is right there in your 'cubicle' - napkins, water dispenser and a pen to fill up your form. Right after your form is taken, the bamboo shade in front will be dropped down to ensure privacy. I'm greatly impressed by the Japanese with their top notch service.

The Japanese are really efficient be it serving or eating. It took less than 10 minutes for our customised ramen to be served and right after, utensils/cups are quickly replenish. Though the queue is always long but it moves off fast as the Japanese would finished their ramen quickly to avoid people waiting outside.

I've been constantly craving for it even when I'm back in Singapore. But good news, Ichiran is so much nearer now as they just opened their first international branch at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong last year!

Ichiran has several stores through out Japan especially in Tokyo and they're opened 24 hours. Thus, making it so much easier should hunger strikes in the middle of the night!

* There's a ramen museum in Yokohama, Japan. A one-stop place to enjoy some of the best ramen flavours from renowned shops across Japan without having to take a plane. If you're interested, read more here.

Ichiran Ramen
1-22-7 B1F Jinnan Sibuya-ku Tokyo-to 150-0041
JR Shibuya Station
Tokyo, Japan


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