Tuesday 7 January 2014

Keisuke Gyoza King, Orchid Hotel

The folks at Ramen Keisuke recently opened their 5th outlet in Singapore and it's not going to be a ramen shop but another all time favourite, Gyoza! Located along the same stretch as Tonkotsu King, also at the ground level of Orchid Hotel. A stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, Exit A.

*UPDATE: The menu has been revamped with new side dishes.

You've given the menu and a order slip to tick your Gyoza Set at $13.90,

1. Choose your choice of Gyoza - Pork, Chicken & Prawn.
2. Choose your rice portion (S, Regular, L, XL) & Soup (Miso or Vegetable)
3. Choose 2 side dishes from 8 of them.

*No matter the size of the rice, all at same price. So just dig' in!

We selected 4 most recommended side dishes as suggested by the staff. From top left onwards clockwise - Stir Fried Egg w Tomato, Chicken Nanban w Tartar Sauce, Stir Fried Pork & Cabbage w Miso and Deep Fried Tofu w minced pork gravy.

Like the other ramen outlets were free flow of unlimited eggs. Gyoza King has unlimited serving of cabbage pickle and very awesome bean sprouts that I really love. These appetizer adds on to satisfy your Gyoza fix.

Just like the eateries in Japan, high counter seats and a open kitchen concept as you watched your food being prepared right in front of you. It's a small area w 16 seating capacity so be prepared to queue on crowded days.

We had the Pork and Prawn filling Gyoza - for the prawn filling, it's a mixture of minced prawn and pork and I read from somewhere that it's infused with crab stock. That explains why it tasted so delicious and crisp on the outside, tender & juicy within. The is the closest I can get to Japan's Gyoza in Singapore.

Overall, I would recommend the Keisuke (Prawn) GyozaVegetable Soup over to Miso Soup and side dish, Chicken Nanban w Tartar Sauce

The Gyoza set is definitely a filling meal with so many choices to pick from. If you want more Japanese food indulge, their sister's branch Tonkotsu King Ramen is just right the corner!

Gyoza King
1 Tras Link #01-15
Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867

Tel: +65 6804 6674
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 2:30pm, 6:00pm - 1030pm 
(Last order 10pm)

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