Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora - S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

How can you not visit Ocean Restaurant when you're entitled to such an awesome table side view? Of course it comes with a price. Located inside S.E.A Aquarium, you'd find Ocean Restaurant by celebrity iron chef, Cat Cora.

Do note that there is a minimum spending of S$25+ per person. So one main for each will do!

The restaurant has limited capacity so be sure to book in advance especially during peak period and secure a table right next to the aquarium tank. Best view no doubt.

 This is your table side view - the majestic Open Ocean Habitat! It's a fine dining restaurant so the prices can be quite steep w almost S$50 for 1 main course. With the awesome view & quality food, no regrets!

We had a Cod Fillet ($46), Beef Rib ($48) and a glass of White Wine ($11). I can't remember the exact names for it but both dishes were really nicely done & recommended by the staff.

Looking for a fine dining place for a special occasion with your loved ones accompanied by a whole city of fishes? Ocean Restaurant is definitely to be on your list!

Though Ocean Restaurant might not be exactly affordable but it's definitely great to visit at least once in a lifetime. Food wise, though the portion is small but the quality and freshness of it makes it worthwhile.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
22 Sentosa Gateway
Marine Life Park, S.E.A. Aquarium
Tel: 65778888
Daily: 11:00 am to 10.30 pm (last order at 10 pm)


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