Tuesday 15 November 2016

Ramen Keisuke Tori King - Chicken Based Ramen @ 100AM

Many have known Tori King to serve ramen with chicken stock base that is topped with a large chicken thigh. In 2016, Tori King celebrate its 4th Anniversary with a new menu, featuring new dishes such as Clear Base Ramen, Tan Tan Mien, Tsukemen and Tori King Dry Noodle (Maze Soba), which is the first dry noodles by Ramen Keisuke.

The extensive menu now offers several types of chicken based ramen and ramen lovers will definitely find something here to suit their taste in any form. The new menu leans towards local flavour, making them familiar among locals - like the dry ramen that brings a familiarity taste of local dish, bak chor mee.

Introducing one of the new dishes on the menu - Tori King Ramen w all toppings (Clear Soup) $16. It adds on the list of chicken ramen offering at Tori King, making it the best option for diners who prefer a light and clear soup base. On the other hand, the chicken thigh was tender with a shreddable texture that pulls right off the bone.

There is also a new choice of topping – Roasted Chicken Meatball $1, that is created with Yuzu Skin for a refreshing zing.

This is the first dry ramen by Ramen Keisuke, also known as Tori King Maze Soba $12.90. Mixing minced pork meat with different types of nuts, giving a refreshing flavour and texture to the dish. It reminds me of local dish bak chor mee, especially with the combination of parsley garnish, vinegar and spicy sauce. It's pretty shiok I would say.

Brand new on the menu - Tsukemen which also literally means dipping noodles in Japanese, is served with cold noodle separated from the broth. You got to dipped it in the hot gravy before eating, this usually maintain the firmness of the noodle. As for Tori King Dipping Noodle $12.90, do add some chilli sauce for an additional oomph.

The new menu also includes Tori King Tantan Mien $13.90, it is a popular ramen in Japan that is strongly influenced by Chinese noodle. White sesame paste and clear chicken soup are blended together with Keisuke’s special chili oil and corianders are added that give the dish an Asian flavour.

Apart from these new ramen options, the standard creamy soup, black spicy ramen and green spicy ramen are still on the menu. I personally like the new Dry Ramen and Tantan Mien which has a touch of Asian flavour that I find familiarity with. Anyway, Keisuke ramen chain has 11 over different concept stores that specialized in different dishes - such as Lobster King Ramen, Kani King Ramen, Tonkotsu King and Tendon.

Tori King
100AM, 100 Tras Street 
#03-15 Singapore 079027
Tel: 6604 6861
Mon - Fri: 1130am - 3pm/ 530pm - 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 1130am - 10pm

*This was an invited media tasting.


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