Wednesday 20 July 2016

Kyushu Pancake, Popular Pancake Cafe From Japan @ Novena, Singapore

Kyushu Pancake, said to be the most popular pancake cafe in Japan has now arrived in Singapore. Nestled in the vicinity of Novena, the pancake cafe serve up various brunch items and desserts incorporating pancakes. The unique thing about the pancakes here is that they are made with 7 different grains that are grown in Kyushu.

I was stoked to find out about this cafe which took Japan and Taiwan by storm. I was told that in Taiwan, you need to make reservation at least 3 months in advance in order to dine in. Like wow. Everything here is made from scratch and hand-made, including the pancake flour base that is made from finely selected 7 grains, 100% homegrown in Kyushu province. There are many eateries selling pancakes out there but this is definitely different.

Of course, we just had to order the signature item - Matcha MontBlanc $18. A stack of 3 pancakes with matcha montblanc sauce, topped with matcha mousse, fresh cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the side. There wasn't a distinctive difference in taste on the pancakes but texture does tell another. It was slightly grainy and fluffy, not too dry. The matcha mousse at the top boast a rich green tea aroma while not being overly sweet. Overall an interesting eat but I would recommend to share among 3 as the palate gets a little heavy towards the end.

Apart from desserts, the extensive menu also includes savoury brunch items such as Eggs Benedict, Big Breakfast, as well as this Karaage Chicken Waffle $19. A waffle served with a huge slab of karaage chicken with special sauce. I had faith in their karaage chicken because after all, the Japanese does best in their own 'karaage' cooking technique and marination. And no doubt, the fried chicken turns out pretty fragrant while the waffle was dense and dry. I didn't quite fancy the 'special sauce' as it's honey with a little sake.

The shoe box size cafe could probably seat lesser than 40 pax, so it's recommended to make a reservation if you are coming in big groups. I like how the folks at Kyushu only uses wheat and grains to complement their buttermilk pancake flour mix with no usage artificial fragrance, emulsifier or processed starch. Nothing the Japanese can't do. Despite the hefty price tag, everyone should try these pancakes at least once though nothing fantastic.

Kyushu Pancake Cafe
275 Thomson Road
Novena Agency #01-08
Singapore 307645
11am - 9pm daily
Tel: 6352 6265


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