Thursday 28 July 2016

Fart Tartz Second Outlet @ Fook Hai Building, Chinatown

Home-grown cafe Fart Tartz has recently expanded to a second outlet, conveniently located in the heart of Chinatown at Fook Hai Building. Apart from their first branch in Expo, now we have a second alternative to enjoy Fart Tartz's extensive menu with a more centralised location. Yes, I'm talking about their signature grilled flatbread burgers.

The new space boost a minimalist interior, coupled with white tables and chairs. This is taken from the second level, overlooking the main entrance and the soft lighting makes the overall space calm and cosy.

This is the dining space on the second level, the overall seating capacity is definitely not as many as Expo's but no doubt it is more convenient for it's location here. For instagrammers who wants natural lighting, get the first level :P

Should you need assistance while dining on the second level, ring the bell!

A variety of mud tarts in a flower pot, as well as jar tarts in assorted flavours. All of these are meticulously handmade by chef-owner Chloe, while incorporating different flavours in one.

They have menu both in visuals and words, makes ordering hassle free.

In this perpetually humid weather we have in Singapore, this is definitely one of the best remedy one could ever ask for. Fresh Watermelon Freeze $8 (S)/ $16.90 (L) and Lychee Lemongrass Freeze $8(S)/ $16.90 (L). This is indeed the best and most refreshing way to capped off your meal here.

We kicked things off with some unique bites, like this Bird Nest Bruschetta $9.90. It is made up of 6 yam nest, topped with a blend of herbs, shrimps, tomatoes, garlic, onions and olive oil. I enjoyed the crunch from the crispy taro nest and all that component in one mouthful goes interestingly well.

Here's another of my favorite from the Bites selection - Baguette Balls $9.50. These 6 miniature baguettes are stuffed with creamy minced chicken and mushroom then topped with melted cheese. This is a prime example that simple ingredients can make a good dish and I have to admit that I can't stop at one.

Under the Triple Sliders selection on the menu, you will find Begedil Sarnie $14.90. For those of you who may not know what is Begedil, it is actually Malay potato patties. These mini burgers comes in 3 different flavours, sandwiched with layers of greens, meat and crispy begedil. Tip: Eat it as a whole instead of dissecting them.

If you are not a fan of begedil, this is for you - Butter Bunny $13.90. These mini sliders are exactly the same as the above, just that grilled buns are used instead of potato patties. But, begedil for me!

This is something I will come back for, their signature Grilled Flatbread Burgers. We had the Mushy Mushrooms $11.90, Peppery Duck $13.90 and Goldie Salted Egg Chix $15.90. The flatbread burgers are tremendous and that salted egg sauce on the chicken has got to be the highlight for me. Next would be the smoked pepper duck!

There are 2 types of Mac & Cheese under their pasta selections - Salmon and Duck. We had the Fishy Salmon Mac & Cheese $15.90 that comes with penne, salmon and fish roe then baked with 3 different cheeses. Overall decent, though I felt that it was slightly lacking in flavour and cheesiness.

Moving on to their pasta noodles, we tried 3 of them among the 13 dishes. Yes, massive menu indeed. Here's Phanaeng Kari $13.90 - a combination of spaghetti, sautéed chicken chunks, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, basil leaves, curry herbs and spices. The ingredients listed tells a lot about this dish - yes it's Red Thai Curry flavour.

Most of their pastas here are done with an Asian twist and so far none of them were disappointing. I really enjoyed the spice in this dish and not forgetting it's affordably priced.

Something interesting here - this pasta is serve as a cold dish. The Chilled Orient Radish Capellini $12.90 is tossed with sautéed mixed mushrooms, preserved ravanello, in-house seasoning blend, topped with chicken jerky and scallions. I adore this Asian style dish, I find familiarity from our Wanton mee.

For something more fiery, the Sambal Sea Catch $15.90 is the one for you. Linguine tossed with their in-house sambal blend, sautéed mixed seafood and chilli padi. This al dente pasta is brought to a whole new level with it's spiciness and I can only describe this in one word - SHIOK.

The latest addition to the pasta menu is this Potatoes Au Gratin $13.90. The new creation is russet potatoes blanket in cream sauce, cheese, onions, chicken floss, red peppers, herbs and then baked to perfection. Love the tinge of sweetness coming from the chicken floss, one of my favourite dish.

*UPDATED as of Dec 2016 - NEW Mentaiko dishes*

Red Caviar Mentai Pasta $18.90, linguine tossed with mentaiko cream sauce then topped with scallions and ikura (salmon roe). The cheese and mentai lover will definitely go crazy over this - Aburi Mentaiko Mac & Cheese $17.90. This goodness consist of elbow pasta blend with mentaiko cream sauce then baked with 3 type of cheeses, you can find slices of prawns inside too. They were both good but I suggest to share the M&C.

As you know that Fart Tartz is known for their flatbread burgers, they have also incorporate mentaiko into their signature item too. The Gooey Mentaiko Fish $17.90 feature tilapia fillet drenched in their home-made mentaiko sauce. If you're a big fan of anything mentaiko, this is probably the richest in taste.

For desserts, there will be their signature Mud Tarts $5.50 with various flavours, it is basically no-bake cheese tarts in flower pots. Other sweet treats will be the Assorted Jar Tarts $6.80 whereby it's no-bake mousse tarts in jars. For the jar tarts, I suggest going for flavours like Thai Milk Tea and Speculoos Short Tart.

Apart from the mud and jar tarts, their speciality desserts would be the Lava Cake $12.90, where it is uniquely presented in a jar. With the molten lava cake at the bottom, it is topped with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce and speculoos cookies crumbs that gives an extra crunch. Best way to enjoy this - dig your spoon all the way to the bottom and have all the layers in one bite.

I had both the Chocolate and Matcha lava cake, the matcha one comes with azuki beans instead of chocolate sauce. If you ask me to choose, Matcha definitely! Also do note that the lava cake flavour will rotate every fortnight.

With the expansion of second outlet in a centralised area, I see myself heading over more often. With several new cafes sprouting out over Singapore every now and then, it is a challenge to stand out because most of them serves the usual brunch items like Eggs Benedict and Big Breakfast. And this is what sets Fart Tartz apart from the many eateries out there because of it's innovative dishes and affordable pricing.

fArt tArtz
150 South Bridge Road
#01-16 Fook Hai Building
Singapore 058727
Tel: 97729780
10am - 10pm daily

*This was an invited media tasting.


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