Wednesday 11 May 2016

Hungry Heroes, First Superhero Theme Cafe & Restaurant in Singapore

Superheroes themed cafe? Yes, you're right. Fans of marvel and DC, this cafe is definitely for you. Hungry Heroes is Singapore's first Superhero theme cafe and restaurant, situated in the vicinity of Farrer Park. And recently, Hungry Heroes launched a new American menu featuring a range of specialty meats.

More than 100 artworks of popular culture framed on multi-layered ornate frames are mounted on sleek dark paneled wooden walls. Together with gold aviator tables, it contrast beautifully with the lush Chesterfield sofas and bar stools.

The restaurant is filled with several original and licensed superhero memorabilia from Marvel and other comics collected over 25 years by the owner. As well as coupled with life-sized superhero statues, head busts and action figurines will leave any comic book fan in awe.

They call it the Superhero Serum, we had the Greeeeeen Goblin (400ml) $13 and Vial of Invincibility (1/2 dozen, $24/ dozen, $38). The green goblin is basically green apple syrup, sweet and sour and sprite while the other test tubes were vodka, elderflower and passionfruit. It was pretty strong on the alcoholic side so take note. Overall, very interesting concept and the price is interestingly steep too for beverages.

For light bites and sides, we had the Heroes Fries $10. Thick cut of french fries blanketed with beef chilli con carne, nacho cheese and mayonnaise. A generous portion of fries and beef chilli, this is prefect for sharing among 3-4.

This was a crowd pleaser though it was just a simple dish. Clash of the Potato, Mayo & Scallions $7, this bowl of goodness consists of duck fat potatoes, kewpie mayo and spring onion. Basic ingredients were used and I was pleasantly surprised that it taste heavenly when mixed together.

The new American menu offers a whole lot of meaty dishes, just like this Nuclear Fission Angus Beef Cheeks $28. This tender fall-off-the-bone beef cheek is rest atop on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. The texture of the beef cheek was perfect but I wished the taste were less gamey. It was sort of overwhelming for me personally, that the mashed potato were also drenched in gamey flavour. If you are fine with the taste, this is for you.

Meat lovers will find joy in this dish especially if you adores char siew or sio bak. The Karate Chop with Honey Thyme Gastrique $20 features 2 slab of thick pork steak that is seared in a blaze after a sous-vide bath. It has layers of meat and a nice layer of juicy fat. It was tender and that fat melts-in-your-mouth is shiok.

Here comes their selection of decadent burgers such as this - The Roost (BAMZ! Chicken Burger) $21. It is probably a zinger burger taken up by many notch which comes with a huge fried chicken leg, as well as pineapple cilantro coleslaw and cajun mayo. All of their burger dishes are served with french fries and mesclun salad at the side. Can't go wrong with fried chicken as long as your batter is done right.

If you prefer a pork burger instead of fried chicken, you may like this one - Spider Pig Burger $21. This burger features pulled pork, sunny side-up, coleslaw, pineapple and house BBQ sauce. The hand-shredded pork shoulder were slow cooked with their secret recipe and is packed together with a savory and sweet kind of flavour.

And last but not least, they called it the Mother of all Chicken Burgers $32. To me, it's not really the 'mother' because I have had a bigger one at Beast which features a 1.6 pound patty. Anyway, this double chicken burger is stacked with two fried chicken leg, fried egg, cheese, coleslaw, caramelized onions, bacon, pickled jalapeno, tomato and cajun mayo. It's just a bigger version to the previous chicken burger I mentioned about. If you are as hungry as a cow and fried chicken is your weakness, take this!

Fans of super heroes will definitely love this space, snapping photos all over with many life-sized superhero statues. I love the overall decoration, especially with the stunning chandeliers on the ceiling which makes this hideout luxurious and adventurous. Despite the food being average and slightly steeper in prices, Hungry Heroes is still an attractive and interesting restaurant to dine in. 

"You don't need Superpowers to be a Superhero."

Hungry Heroes
33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Tel: 6295 5401
Opening Hours: Mon- Fri: 4pm - 11pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 12pm - 11pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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