Saturday 15 November 2014

Sync Korean Tapas Bar, 12 Maju Ave - Serangoon Gardens

SYNC™ has launched Singapore's first-ever Korean tapas bar. The first outlet is home to winners such as Kimchi Cheese Fries, Korean Fried Chicken Wings and Army Stew. Riding on this success, it is bringing gourmands a new tapas bar concept with mouthwatering Korean-themed seafood, meat and even beef tapas.  

Sync Korean Tapas Bar is run by the same couple behind Sync Bistro at Westgate mall. The concept is borne out of the inspirations they got during their frequent travels to Korea.
SYNC™ has put a new spin on these beloved dishes, turning them into lovely tapas. It is nestled in Maju Avenue and it offers a cosy environment. It is an ideal address for friends to enjoy great food while imbibing the Korean culture - Korean MTVs, dramas and soothing Korean jazz music. 

I'm glad to have the privilege to attend the Sync's grand opening. We started off with 5 tapas, one of them was Samgyupsal ($10.90). It's char-grilled pork belly with scallion salad and chilli yuzu dressing. A good blend of savoury salad with yuzu dressing, something different.

Next, we had Mandu ($9.90) which sounds similar to man tou in mandarin. Sync's version is crispy minced pork & mushroom dumpling. Nothing to shout about, but I must say it goes well with the salsa.

One of my fav pick among the tapas served, here's Dak-Kangjung ($9.90). Deep-fried sweet and spicy chicken bites with ricotta chilli tempura. Sounds simple, but the one at Sync tasted really good.

This is one really addictive tapas, Crackling ($9.90). We had numerous serving and this is the best bar bites when comes to pairing with craft beers. Crackling of umami cod chips, with seaweed seasoning. The closest taste to this is the vegetarian fried bean curd sheet. 

And the last tapas we had was Sogogl Jowl ($10.90). This is our favourite among the rest, we were wowed by the smoking flavour of the char-grilled Angus beef jowl, sandwiched between a fresh sesame leaf and garlic confit to complete this slab of meat. One of Sync's recommendation.

At Sync's bar, one of the mains you can expect is Dak Gar-Bi (Chicken Paella, $38.90). This communal meal is a generous offering of chicken, onions, cabbage, sausage and kimchi. Great for sharing, friends and family can tuck into this dish together. If you're a big fan of anything kimchi, this is for you.

Another dish that is best for sharing, Ssam ($40.90). It's pork ribs, lettuce wrap, bun, cucumber, pickles in ssam sauce. The ribs were tender, the meat fell off the bones with a slight push. You can savour this by wrapping the meat up in lettuce or buns with the pickles. 
I wouldn't recommend this for that steep price, it didn't worth that value.

We cap off our meals with SYNC's version of the traditional korean snack - Hotteok ($8.90). Sync's very own twist - Banana foster served with pan-fried chewy korean pancake and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is a really good sweet and savoury dessert, the sugar can go lighter in this case.

The much-praised Matcha lava cake will also be available at SYNC™'s new outlet, along with a new version. Be sure to discover Misugaru Lava Cake ($8.90), sync's top favourite. Misugaru also means korean's brown rice barley, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberries & lime compote. 
I'm a big fan of korean brown rice barley & this is the best thang ever.

Wash down all the food with Sync's signature cocktails such as Soju Mojito ($9.90), which is enlivened by fresh mint leaves. Indeed a refreshing drink, goes best with tapas.

Another signature cocktails you may expect at Sync, Soju Peach Shot ($7.90). The alcoholic content may be stronger in this, I definitely prefer the Soju Mojito! 

For selection of draught beer, here's Mac's Great White ($14).

Tapas, beers, great company - no doubt an awesome Halloween night.

The success of the bistro in Westgate has led to the launch of Singapore's first-ever Korean-inspired tapas bar. Home to a multitude of savoury tapas, the bar is where diners can soak up the korean culture. Both outlets have their very own signatures.

With the food menu having spicy, non-spicy and even kid-friendly options, it is a great place for a gathering with family and friends. The bar promises to dole out modern korean foods with a twist and it's a must-try. Be sure to check them out for late night drinks & interesting korean tapas at Maju Avenue! Cheers.

SYNC™ Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 556690
Tel: 6282 0612
Opening Hours: 3pm-12am Daily

*This was an invited media tasting.

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