Friday 17 October 2014

MEDZS Bistro & Bar - Clifford Centre

MEDZS is home to an eclectic range of Mediterranean cuisine from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and France.The third outlet, MEDZS Bistro & Bar, is located at Clifford Centre. This is a unique Bistro-by-Day, Doorstep-Bar-by-Night concept. With an all-day dining menu, patrons can enjoy an array of breakfast, brunch and dinner items at great values. In the establishment’s arsenal of beers include Kirin Frozen Fruit Beer and Erdinger.

Located at Clifford Centre, MEDZS offers breakfast items from 8am to 11am daily. As the day segues into night, MEDZS will transform into a hip doorstep bar, offering premium beers at the best values. The bar is also one of the first in Singapore to offer the latest Kirin Frozen Fruit Beer.

Note that the ordering process at Clifford Centre is different from Orchard Central and Millenia Walk.

Clifford Centre:
1. Fill the order chit
2. Place your orders at the cashier
3. Enjoy your meal

Orchard Central / Millenia Walk:
1. Fill the order chit
2. Pass your orders to the staff
3. Enjoy your meal
4. Bill upon leaving.

Iced MelonDew Tea ($5.90) - Refreshing tea which washes the mouth after a burger feast. It's overall pleasant but the melon dew flavor were kinda lacking, or just me. 

Kirin Frozen Fruit Beer ($6.90) - MEDZS is one of the first bars in Singapore to offer the latest Kirin Frozen Fruit Beer, flavors such as peppermint, lychee, mango, peach and strawberry. This full-flavored beer boasts fruity notes and it should be a favorite amongst the ladies. I personally love it, best paring it with burgers or meats.

MEDZS Signature Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($17.90) - This is one of the main courses you can expect while dining at MEDZS Bistro. It is served with sauteed vegetables & truffle balsamic sauce. The truffle sauce definitely enhances the whole dish, pretty good.

MEDZS Signature Burger ($19.90) - This is the highlight! Grilled gourmet beef patty with provencal herbs on mesclun greens topped with pan seared foie gras, pesto aioli & spicy salsa by the side to go with tortilla chips! Sounds like a whole lot of ingredient! The tender beef patty and juicy foie gras are stacked with rich flavor in the burger. Try it and you'd know! 

I've never like the taste of foie gras but the one at MEDZS was nicely done and wasn't disappointing. It's pretty value for money given the big portion. Now I know where to go for burger fix!

Oven baked Semi-cured Salmon ($18.90) - Herbs crusted home-made semi cured salmon served with french potatoes, micro herbs salad & lime vinaigrette. We were told that cured salmon tend to be saltier than usual which explains why. Otherwise, it's pretty decent :)

Never knew pairing burgers and frozen beer can be so good. No, shiok should be the word!

Applewood Smoked Duck Breast Salad ($10.90) - Mesclun salad served with Applewood, smoked duck breast, raspberry, candied almond & Saffron Vinaigrette. Another healthier mains you can expect from the menu.

Rainbow cake at MEDZS is a must-try for your desserts fix. It's picked as the best rainbow cake in town on the 8 days magazine. While some may beg to differ otherwise.

Carrot Cake ($5.90) - It's similar to Cedele's signature carrot cake. If you're a fan of Cedele's, this might be for you too. It's moist and pleasant, had no problem eating it though I'm already stuffed.

Rainbow Cake ($6.90) - One of the best rainbow cake I've tried. It's so fluffy, the texture in the mouth feels like ice cream. It's arguably the best rainbow cake in town, what do you think?

Here's Medzs Cappuccino, coffees here are pretty good. Didn't know they do appealing latte arts.

A wide range of delectable cakes to choose from, ranging from cheesecakes to macarons.

Li Qin & Vivienne, posing with the big Kirin Frozen Beer structure. Swee!

So make a beeline for MEDZS Bistro & Bar today. Enjoy an array of premium beers and delectable main courses, foie gras burger is a must-try. It's available in all 3 Medzs outlet. This is an ideal place for you to chill out after work. Gather your friends, loved ones and enjoy the night away with beer & tapas!

MEDZS Bistro & Bar
#01-01, Clifford Centre
24 Raffles Place
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6536 1917
Mon to Sat - 8am to 10pm
Direction: Raffles Place Station Exit A

*This was an invited media tasting.


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