Monday 24 March 2014

Gyoza-Ya @ Robinsons Orchard, Singapore

With the opening of Robinsons Orchard at The Heeren, you'll find various restaurants in the basement. Gyoza-Ya is a new 50-seat Japanese restaurant that specializes gyoza or Japanese style dumplings under Japanese restaurant chain Akashi.

As of Sept'14 // Gyoza-Ya has launched their fourth gyoza filling, Red King Crab. Review here.

You can choose either pan-fried or boiled gyoza served with a special sauce, each serving at $4.80 for six. There are 2 kinds of filling, pork and vegetable. *Update: It has been changed from 6pcs to 5pcs.

There are other side dishes ranging from garlic fried rice to chicken karaage and others which is available on the order chit above. The other highlight beside gyozas include Jyajya Men ($6.50) which is served with minced pork in miso based. Quite similar to Chinese dish, zhajiang mian.

It is served with half boiled egg and other condiments which are available at your table. There are steps to follow to enjoy the best taste of Japanese's style Jyajya men. Personally, it was nothing fantastic. It wasn't flavorful enough for my liking.

The price at Gyoza-Ya are pretty much affordable. We decided to try the pan-fried dumplings for both filling as we wanted to compare it to Gyoza King & Osaka Ohsho. Though the gyozas here were the best among the rest whereas I like the side dishes offered at Gyoza King. Anyway, all the gyoza are undoubtedly delicious.

Like the usual eateries in Japan, bar seating with open kitchen concept.

There was a bit of broth in the dumpling and it's literally juicy with the generous filling in it. It is nicely pan-fried at the bottom which makes the skin chewy and that's the best part for Gyoza.

Located in the busy streets of Orchard, gyoza fix can be easily satisfied! Along side with gyoza specialty shops like Keisuke Gyoza King & Osaka Ohsho, it definitely brings you closer to Japan. 

The Heeren, B1-02A, Robinsons Orchard
260 Orchard Road, Singapore
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 09:30pm daily
Tel: 6737 5581 (No reservations allowed)

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