Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Suzukien Asakusa, The Most Intense Matcha Gelato In The World, Tokyo Japan

If you are a big fan of matcha, you need to be here in Tokyo. Suzukien Matcha is a gelato store situated in Asakusa that offers 7 intensity levels of Matcha ice cream, as well as other popular Japanese flavours like Houjicha, Black Sesame, Japanese Black Tea and many more. Apart from that, they are also known to serve the most intense matcha gelato in the world.

During our recent trip to Tokyo, we were told to check out Suzukien for it's richest matcha gelato in the world. The stall is actually located near Sensoji temple, google map would be a great help in navigating and looking out for a green banner would be helpful too. In this case, cut through Sensoji and it's located at the back.

I was expecting a queue after reading a couple of reviews but thankfully there wasn't during my visit. I think partly because it was about to close soon. Upon entering the stall, you will be greeted with green shade of gelato from the fridge. As the color says all, the darkest green has the highest intensity of matcha flavour (level 7) and also their best seller. Apart from the various matcha gelato, there are other Japanese gelato flavours as well.

Since I'm here in Tokyo, I know that I need to try level 7 - the world's strongest matcha gelato. We tried level 2 and level 7 - level 2 has the right bitter to sweet ratio where else level 7 was too intense, in another words, too bitter for me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the green tea aroma within. If you are not adventurous, level 2 or level 3 would work.

How can you not have Houjicha or Black Sesame gelato in Japan right? So after that we went back for second serving, this time with houjicha (roasted green tea) and goma (black sesame) gelato in a cone. I specially like Suzukien's gelato texture, it is firm on the spoon yet creamy and melts in the mouth. Damn boy, this is the best Houjicha ice cream I ever had.

Suzukien is a very old and traditional teahouse with many years of history to it's name. Besides ice cream, they sell a variety of tea products and pots as well. Overall if matcha is your favorite, their different levels of matcha richness will be your dream dessert. However, most customers are here for the premium matcha gelato, also known as level 7.

Suzukien Asakusa
Asakusa 3-4-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3871-0311
Nearest Subway: Asakusa Station
Opening Hours: 10am - 530pm daily
Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of every month


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