Friday 30 September 2016

Popbar Singapore - Popular Popsicles Brand From US @ Plaza Singapura

With it's first outlet in the US, the popular handcrafted gelato on a stick pop brand has now arrived in Singapore, offering popbars that are gluten free and made with all natural ingredients. There are a variety of flavours at Popbar ranging from popGelato, refreshing fruity taste of a popSorbetto or guilt-free options of a yogurtPop.

Located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, you can't walk passed without taking a glance at these beautiful multicolored popbars. The popSorbetto is going at S$4.90 while the popGelato and yogurtPop is S$5.40 per stick. After which, you can have unlimited toppings and dippings on your popbar at just S$0.50.

We were spoilt for choices but finally went ahead with Pistachio and Strawberry as recommended for their popGelato and popSorbetto respectively. I customised my popbars with half chocolate dipping and I'd definitely recommend the pistachio, remember to add the topping - pistachio nuts. I would say it makes a healthy study snack.

We also went for the Green Tea and Hazelnut flavoured gelato stick. I was pleasantly surprised at the green tea, it was rich and not overly sweet. On the other hand for Hazelnut, I had hazelnuts and chocolate swirl on it instead of dipping. I mean you can customised them and pop it your way, there are no rules.

Operated as a take away kiosk, popbar offers traditional gelato on a stick, using only real fruits and natural ingredients. With the perpetually hot weather we have in Singapore, this frozen dessert bar could work as a remedy. With almost 20 popbar flavours, I will definitely drop by again for my summer treat.

Popbar Singapore
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura #B2-64
Singapore 238839
1030am - 10pm daily



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