Friday 18 July 2014

Chabuton Ramen Open Its First Outlet in Singapore!

Chabuton the ramen restaurant that created a great wave in the ramen industry in Japan and Thailand, is finally here in Singapore. Located in the heart of Orchard at 313 Somerset, ramen lovers may now enjoy high quality ramen using the same recipes created by first Michelin starred ramen chef. The Chabuton chain is extremely popular in both Japan and Thailand, with 9 and 14 outlets in respective countries. If you've been to Japan or Bangkok, you would have probably heard or had Chabuton before. 

Chabuton is the brainchild of a chef who was named “King of Ramen” by TV Champion, a well-known TV program among gastronomes in Japan. He is the owner of the first ramen restaurant appeared in the Michelin Guide

The menu is pretty extensive with a selections of different broth - Tonkotsu, Shio, Miso, as well as Shoyu (dipping ramen). Note that you can add-on a Soft Boiled Egg and Buta Kakuni for $3.

Like the usual ramen store, patrons can choose how they want their ramen and broth to be prepared. Depending on personal preference, you can choose the texture of the noodles, from soft to hard. And how unctuous and salty you want it to be.

This is Chabuton's signature dish - Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen (S: $8.30 / L: $11.90) The rich and creamy broth is the culmination of many hours of simmering pork bones. And a big slice of char siew sits atop of the ramen. 

We requested our Kara Kara (spicy minced pork) separately and add in at our own preferences. If you're looking for a spicy kick, add a dollar and go for Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen ($12.90). It is then gloriously topped with homemade spicy minced pork as well as roasted pork slice.

Chabuton Shoyu Zaru Ramen ($11.90) - This is my favourite dish among the rest, I love dipping ramen personally. This dish features thin-style cold ramen, served with warm Japanese soy sauce soup. After finishing the noodles, you can ask for the Wari Soup and take the enjoyment up a notch by adding it to the bowl of soup.

Chabuton Miso Char Siew Ramen ($15.90) - Miso flavoured pork bone soup ramen topped with extra char siew and Japanese leek. It's good but I always prefer tonkotsu based ramen than to miso broth!

Moving on to their side dishes - here's Char Siew Don ($4). A slice of grilled pork slice sits onto the rice that is filled with pickled vegetables, sesame and sauce. Aside from your usual ramen, go for this! It's absolutely good, I can't find any reason not to love this.

One of their must have side dishes - Hitokuchi Gyoza ($5 for 8 pcs). These bite-sized dumplings serve as a perfect side dish to Chabuton's ramen dishes. It's crispy on the outside and juicy pork meat filling. It's good but not the best I had though, the filling was lacking.

Ika Karaage (Fried Squid) $5 - another must-have sides. Deep fried to perfection, not too oily as well. Texture was chewy, marination was flavourful - it came out just right!

Ending off with desserts - recommended Japanese Jellies at $2 each, pretty similar to Japanese Konnyaku jellies. Flavours such as Apple, Grape, Peach & Lychee. Voted most: Grape & Peach.

With a choice of Green Tea & Chocolate Hokkaido ice cream at $2.50 each. Definitely going for green tea in a Japanese store - Overall, I find it too milky and the matcha flavor wasn't rich enough.

Unfortunately, all of the soft boiled eggs were sold out on a busy Friday night. That explains why there wasn't any eggy in our ramens. Overall, the ramens were satisfying though not the best I had.

Now with the first flag store in Singapore, ramen lovers may now savour bowls of gratifying ramen. Reasonably priced and generous portion, who says you can't have affordable & filling meals in Orchard? :) Special thanks to Racheal & Jaslyn for hosting and having us!

// *Update: Chabuton has open it's second outlet at Tampines One.

Chabuton @ Somerset 313
313 Orchard Road #B2-01
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6636 8335
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm

*This was an invited media tasting.

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